Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my first birthday cake

Last weekend was one big birthday celebration! It began on Friday night with dinner at a small, neighborhood Italian restaurant. They had the perfect set-up for our birthday boy, thanks to patio seating. What could be better than a plate full of eggplant pasta...AND getting to eat OUTDOORS! He was as happy as a Georgia peach! It's funny, I've never known another baby who enjoys eating out so much! He just loves all the commotion, loud conversations, laughing, and everyone partaking in his favorite consumption!

On Saturday we went to a parade (I'll dive into the details of that in tomorrow's blog) and ended the festivities on Sunday with a day at the park and a cake celebration at home. Below is a video of our cake prep and tasting on Sunday. Sorry I didn't edit and cut down its length yet!

It was a fabulous birthday weekend! Thank you all so much for the sweet messages, songs, cards, and gifts! You are truly the best and our little boy is so blessed to have you in his life!


  1. i love how you looked for the lower fat option (-: for the cake! You look gorgeous darling!

  2. Honey! This was sooo cute! Thanks for sharing=) It brought a little tear to my eye...I miss you all!