Thursday, June 18, 2009

the traveling parade trio

Last Saturday, in an ongoing effort to think of fun, Teddy-friendly activities to celebrate a first birthday, we drove an hour south to the town of Hudson for their annual Flag Day parade. Earlier in the week I'd heard a morning news commentator mention the upcoming fanfare with great anticipation, saying "my family never misses it!" Sounded like something our family may not want to miss either....

We envisioned.....
A.) An adorable town on the Hudson River, surrounded by the Catskill Mountains.
B.) Lots of fire engines, tractors, and police cars for my oh-so-boy Teddy bear.
C.) A place filled with other children...perfect for the toddler who loves to people watch. By people watch, I mean stare adoringly at anyone under 3 feet tall, with a slack jaw and a mile long trail of drool hanging from his chin.

We Discovered....
Although there were big trucks for Teddy and children a-plenty....the town was a little on the rough side. Either parades bring out the crazies or Hudson was showing its back country Appalachia roots. There were more tramp stamps, cigs, and visible butt cheeks than the last time I hung out at Tootsies Tavern. The only thing people seemed to be short on was teeth. No joke.

Despite the odd crowd, we managed to park ourselves next to another family and enjoyed the snare drums and patriotic songs with the best of them. On the drive home, I proposed becoming a family of parade groupies who travel from town to town each weekend following the fairs. Ry said he didn't think it was the gig for our family.

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