Friday, June 5, 2009

summer reads

With the warm, long days of June finally here, I am ready to dive into some of my favorite warm weather novels. I'm a seasonal reader. In the winter, I prefer cold, snowy stories. In the summer, they need to be hot, humid, and maybe even a little sultry! On Wednesday night as I set up my book case, I was sure to leave out a few that had already come to mind...

Do you do the same? Crave the same stories at the same time each year? What are your summer favorites?

I'm so happy to have my little reading nook set up here in New York. Although I'm sure the men in our family would prefer I didn't drag around every single book I own to every location we go, I can't help myself. They are my loves and you never know when I might need one :)


  1. Katie, I love your reading nook. It looks so inviting. And, I do believe you've been dragging your books around with you since high school - do you now remember our trip to Mahowald's cabin when your bag broke because all the books you brought. I think you've had a love affair with books since you first learned how to read.

  2. currently the collection requires an appliance dolly to move up stairs :)

  3. Cute reading spot. I have the book Cane RIver and I cannot remember if I have read it or not. Maybe we should read it together so we can talk about it? Let me know your thoughts.

  4. I LOVED Cane River. Read it a few years ago. I love historical fiction and non-fiction. Happy Reading!