Monday, August 24, 2009

huffy puffy

While living in Colorado last spring, we received a package from Grandma Alcott containing a number or goodies. One was extra special....and his name is Huffy Puffy. Huffy Puffy is a 1963 Fischer Price train engine. Judy's fantastic eye for adorable vintage pieces spotted him at an antique shop. We are so glad she did! Huffy (shortened nickname) has become a household favorite!

At first I was hesitant to give him to Teddy, I didn't want Huffy to end up with a sprained spoke or a loose wheel following an ultra-close baby inspection. After all, he'd seen his fair share of time around the track and his parts had the mistaken appearance of fragility. But after succumbing to what I assumed would have to be Huffy's fate I went ahead and gave him to Theodore while mentally preparing for the bereavement to follow. I'm happy to report, it is now 4 months later and Huffy is still happily chuggin' his days away. He is one of Teddy Bear's most treasured toys and I hope one day Huffy gets passed on to his own cubs.

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