Friday, August 14, 2009

Keeping up with the De Luca's

Since arriving in New Yawkk, we've found it a bit of a challenge fitting in with our Italian American neighbors. Ryan's pickup truck along with his aversion to pomade isn't ideal and I need more track suits. However, after changing the spelling of our son's name from "Teddy" to "Teddi" and reforming his dress code, I think we are making more friends. At first I was nervous to send him out to play with the other bambinos, poor baby looked so naked pinkie ring, no St. Francis of Assisi medallion hanging from his neck? Thankfully though, a man at the pool had 3 or 4 extra chains so he gave one to Teddi and told me with a wave of his hand to "fawgheddaboudit." I decided not to mention the chocking hazard involved with a chain around a 14 month old's neck.


  1. Hilarious. Love it. I think "Teddi" fits right in!

  2. Oh my gosh, he looks like a mini- James Dean. Definitely a New Yaaawk baby. Post more pics from this weekend love!