Friday, August 7, 2009

a time of transition

Teddy's first year has been guided by a strict sleep schedule. It is one area of parenting where I am definately a little over the top. By six weeks old we insisted all naps be in the bassinet rather than a playpen, swing, being held, ect. Better to help him understand that when he's in the bassinet or the crib, it's ni-ni time. We avoided motion-filled sleep (stroller, car seat) and instead worked hard to teach self-soothing techniques and how to put himself to sleep. And in this area, I will go ahead and far so good. Today, he is an excellent sleeper. He lies down awake, happy, and there are seldom tears. So when he started having trouble falling asleep for his afternoon nap, I knew there was a change underway.

I'd been expecting the transtion from two naps down to one nap, and that day is here. We officially made the shift last Sunday, taking the morning and late afternoon nap and combining them into one mid-day snooze. Probably doesn't seem like something that needs to be shared with the whole world, but for us this is a HUGE change in the daily routine. Rather then having to be down for his morning nap by 9:30, we now have the whole morning to ourselves. No nap until 12:30! It feels like the world has opened up with possibility. We can now sign up for some fun little classes, go run errands, do whatever we want! I have lots of ideas and I'll keep you posted....but for now it's just another example of making the transition from baby to toddler. This morning we are off to our favorite park in Saratoga Springs. Hope you all have fabulous Fridays!

PS: BIG birthday shout out to our most favorite 6 year old! Happy Birthday Dexter!! We love you all the way from New York to Minnesota! This is Teddy's most adored photo of you. It is hanging up on our bulletin board near his high chair. He points and giggles at your cool wheels during every meal :) xoxoxo!

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