Wednesday, August 5, 2009

sweet and simple

I haven't taken enough video of our lil' pumpkin lately. This morning I decided to pull out the camera and capture some sweetness. Normally when Teddy plays with his tractors he is pretty energetic, loudly making chug chug noises as he pushes the vehicles aggressively across the living room floor. Today though he was so quiet, still, and studious. The peaceful playtime helped him achieve a new accomplishment....

Months ago we received a few "Little People" pieces from Grandma & Grandpa Alcott and ever since he has been trying to figure out how to get the farmer to sit in the tractor. At 13 months, lining the pieces up correctly is still pretty difficult. It's the whole hand/eye coordination thing, tricky tricky. Today was the day though....he did it! As you can tell from the video, he's awfully happy! He just wants to do it over and over again. Such a doll.


  1. awww he's learning so many new things lately!

  2. i love his little PJs. Do you think he's left or right handed? I think left. And his lil' hiccups...TOO cute!

  3. kel: tru dat' tru dat'

    linds: i think he is a righty, but he seems to show some signs of ambidexterity...or at least my dad thinks so!