Saturday, December 5, 2009

5 things

photo via weheartit

1. Ryan and I are buying our first house! It is my childhood home. We've been swimming in the process for months, and honestly we're still a ways from completion...but, I'm staying positive! Maybe saying it aloud will send out speedy transaction energy into the universe. It's been a special, and crazy, and difficult experience that I'll share more about soon!

2. The same small town in which we will soon be home owners, now has a commuter rail line connecting it to Minneapolis! GO GREEN!....and take the Alcott trio with you (we'll ride in the Caboose).

3. After nearly 6 months in Albany we've finally discovered a good pizza joint. Inferno was yummy yummy delicious and had an chewy authenticity we've not found since NYC.

4. Big, thick, beautiful snowflakes are falling as I write. Our first New England snowfall. My sweet baby is down for a nap. My loving partner is at work. Pot Roast is in the slow cooker. The three of us will eat together tonight. Lovely.

5. I've now officially written over 100 blog posts! Yipee! When I started this blog last January, I had no idea what a therapeutic, gentle, sweet community I would encounter. It's been a wonderful experience. :)

Opps...correction: Upon closer inspection I realized I've written over a 100 posts if you count the drafts (posts started, but never published). I still have 7 more published posts to go.... I'll have to get excited again in a few weeks! ; )


  1. Hope things work out swiftly on the house! and Happy Birthday! and Congrats on almost 100 posts!

  2. Katie how exciting! I too am very excited about the commuter rail. Katie have you ever read any Roberto Bolaño. I recommend Savage Detectives. He reminds me of a modern day Gabriel García Márquez. Oh and I will pass on my mother's message to me this morning which was remember the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I reread the her story. She is on of my favorites. Have a Merry Christmas and Birthday!!!!

  3. Steph, I will definitely check out Roberto Bolano! I always need a great book to curl up with! Thank you so much for reminding me of the upcoming feast day, she is also one of my VERY favorites. Perhaps partially thanks to our mutual love for hispanic culture?!? Passing on your mother's message is like passing on a message from my own mother, their thoughts and reminders would have been very much the same. So thank you for that bit of wonderfulness.

    PS I want to take a pilgrimage to Mexico City someday and visit the Basilica of Guadalupe. You in?? :)