Wednesday, December 2, 2009

smarty pants

I wanted to carve out a little time tonight to share a photo of our happy little boy. We're still in Minnesota and he's been having such a lovely week. Spoiled rotten with lots of G & G love. He's been changing and growing so much too! Today alone, the lil' pumpkin said five new words! Out popped, "tree, ball, red, blue, and Grandpa"! Can you believe it?!? Five words in one day!

I read that around eighteen months toddlers have a speech burst, suddenly everything connects and the words start to pour out. I think he's definitely entering that stage, in the two previous days he also said "Elmo" and "wolf" for the first time! My heart just melts with each new word. His little voice is the sweetest sound in the whole world.

Hugs from us to you.

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  1. oh teddy, can't wait to see him again and spend some actual time with him!