Friday, December 18, 2009

our owl family

Special thank you to Kelly for the new Alcott Family Blog banner! I told her of my vision for an owl family, and off she ran creating the fabulous image completely herself. It came out so stinkin' cute! For my birthday a few weeks ago she also sent me this adorable tote I'd had my eye on over at Etsy. Pretty great friend, aye?!

I've had a thing for owls lately. I told Ryan about it a few months ago, and he said "Really?! Me too!" Theodore, who would prefer to be a night owl himself, also appreciates the nocturnal animals. One day I heard him making "hoo hoo hoo" noises in his room. I went in, and there he sat, an open book before him, looking at an owl. I'd no idea he knew how to mimic their hauntingly beautiful sounds.

To bring our infatuation full circle, we saw a Great Horned Owl at our land over Thanksgiving. Growing up, Ryan said the birds were common, but they haven't seen as many in recent years. So beautiful to know they are still in the area and living on our land. Definitely seems to seal the deal, we are owl people.

One wise old owl to another.


  1. There is something about owls...they can be cute, spooky, fun. Glad you like your banner!

  2. Such a cute banner - nice collaboration Katie and Kelly! Can't wait to see the Alcotts very soon! xo