Wednesday, December 9, 2009

before the snow, we had four-wheelers

Rumor has it, Minnesota got snow! Woohoo! We got a big dumping in Albany last night too! It's a beautiful morning. We'll go out and play soon.

The last couple days Teddy has been missing Minnesota. When we first returned to NY he was beside himself with glee and excitement, now that's wore off a bit. He talks about "At" (his name for all the Grandparents) and loves looking at photos of them. Poor pumpkin, we'll be back in MN for Christmas soon! This morning I remembered a video I took of him using the children's four-wheeler. I'm excited to show it to him and thought you might enjoy it too!

PS A big welcome home to the Dynamic D's! We missed you over Thanksgiving and can't wait for Christmas!

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