Thursday, December 10, 2009

fridge finds

Last December, Theodore was just a tiny mite during the Christmas season. Other than all the hustle and bustle, I don't think he noticed anything out of the ordinary.

So this year I've been bound and determined to help him understand the wonderfulness of Christmas. We've spent the week giggling at snowmen, listening to Bing Crosby on repeat, and pointing out every Christmas tree within walking distance. This morning though, Ryan really helped to pump up the volume with an introduction to Santa Claus.

Teddy's daddy likes to leave little treasures strewn about the house for him to find. Today he surprised us both with a fun fridge greeting from Old Saint Nick. Teddy spotted it as soon as he walked out of the bedroom. So now it's all about Santa. We've done so many Ho ho ho's, I think I got an upper abdominal workout. We talked about the difference between Santa and "At" (Grandpa) more than once. We've even put Teddy's mittens on a handful of times so he could stand next to Claus and chuckle at their parallel attire. Yep, I think he's going to be quite excited to meet Santa in the coming weeks and eventually leave out treats for him on Christmas Eve. My sweet baby.

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