Tuesday, March 30, 2010

bennett hill

Free bird.

Spring has been playing tricks on us. March tiptoed in like a gentle lamb, bringing a couple weeks of warm, sunny days. Now with April in sight, the weather has changed to cold, rainy days with temps never reaching above the thirties. Good heavens!

On Sunday morning I awoke to birds braving the gusty winds and soft drizzle to sing outside my window. Their sweet song made me long for a walk in the woods. An Internet search turned up Bennett Hill, a perfect country hike. As we made our way up the hill, the trees opened up to gorgeous views of big farms below. Have we mentioned our son loves anything farm-related?!? Once on the top, the terrain flattened out allowing Teddy to run and explore. The whole scene made for one happy little woodland critter! :)

Locked and loaded.

A smidge muddy.

Follow the leader.


  1. Maybe Teddy will become a farmer someday? He also loves the woods too, so he could be a potential mountain man?

  2. Is mountain man a career path? If so, Ryan's in the wrong field! ;)

  3. Brent's life goal is to be a mountain man, I think. Or at least a man of the hilly portion of MN. :)