Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sweet treats

I do very little baking, it's certainly not one of my talents (as proven just yesterday by a failed attempt at pound cake), but I did make two cookie recipes recently that were delicious. They weren't chocolate chip, therefore deemed unique enough to share! ; )

The first recipe, Oatmeal Cinnamon Chip cookies appeared on a college friend's blog a couple months ago. I'm a huge snickerdoodle fan (cinnamon? yes, please.) so I was anxious to whip up a warm, winter-soothing batch. Although forewarned that cinnamon chips can be hard to find, I was delighted to spot them at our local supermarket.
The cookies were so simple and yummy that I had to share them on my blog too! The recipe (which can also be found on the back of the Hersey's Cinnamon Chip bag) does make a big batch, so after setting plenty aside for ourselves, I sent the rest to work with Ryan. Rumors drifting home indicate Azco taste testers gave the cookies 2 thumbs up. If you're a cinnamon lover (and seriously, who isn't?) give these cookies a go.

My humble photograph of the finished product.

Check out the post that inspired my baking endeavors to see some great photos of the cookies.

The second recipe we loved was Ina Garten's Ultimate Ginger Cookies. Oh me, Oh my these were so good! I saw the recipe in Barefoot Contessa At Home and knew I had to give it a whirl. I heart ginger and tend to slip it in any dish remotely ginger friendly...so these cookies were calling me. Made with large pieces of crystallized ginger, (see photo below) the cookies were gooey and soft on the inside, while the outside has the perfect crunch.

I know there are some serious ginger cookie fans on my husband's side of the family. Bake a batch on Friday night. I promise, you'll have a great weekend with these puppies hanging around the house.

To end this little cookie post, I have to share what my own sweet treat, Mr. Theodore did on Sunday morning. Ry and I were still in bed (probably around 6:30am) when we heard him start to wake up in his room. I went in and brought him back to cuddle with us for a bit. I turned to him once we were all situated and said "I love you" and... he said it back! First time! Talk about instant tears! He had both me and Ryan bawling. So very, very sweet. Really there are no words to describe the way you feel when your baby tells you that for the first time. A gift to mommy that's been marinating for twenty months. Ryan received his love offering later that same day when a bedtime I love you was returned right back at him.

Then yesterday while trying to talk to Grandma Alcott on speaker phone, he also gave her a love you. I was a teary mess all over again (pretty sure Grandma was too)! How special are those three little words?!

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  1. These sound absolutely delectable. I will check Rainbow for the Cinnamon Chips on my next shopping extravaganza :)
    This picture of Teddy is precious. I love his smile.
    The story of "I love you's" brought tears to my eyes. Soooo sweet! Miss you!