Thursday, March 18, 2010

weekend with johnny

Last weekend, much to our delight, my brother came to visit! Unfortunately, I was sick with the same flu Ryan and Teddy had earlier in the week so despite the excitement of having a visitor, I was in bed for a portion of the weekend. Thank goodness for my sweet husband who did a wonderful job balancing full-time daddy duty while playing host to our guest. The three boys had an awesome time together!

Teddy was so very pleased with his new flat mate! We moved a mattress into the living room for Johnny to sleep on (which conveniently also served as a wrestling mat and pillow fight home base for the godfather/godson duo) and the new furniture arrangements alone put a huge smile on his face.

A couple trips to the park and a few high fives really solidified the love. It's not everyday that T gets to hang out with someone who can do so darn many basketball tricks!

On Saturday I resumed my parental duties so Ry and Johnny could head up to the Adirondacks for a morning of skiing. They reported gorgeous views.

I feel so blessed to have had a full weekend with my brother. Our time together is precious. He works a lot of hours and it's often difficult to coordinate our schedules. What a sweet gift to have 4 full days of his time and love.

Sadly, I've not one brother/sister photo from the weekend. I decided to share this oldie, but goodie instead.

{ Love you, brother. Thanks for being the sweetest uncle in the world to our little Teddy.}

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