Thursday, March 25, 2010

monkey boy

Little monkey boy modeling his Valentine's Day present from Grandma and Grandpa Alcott, new jammies.

Isn't he getting big?! And such a sweet heart lately, experimenting with loads of new speech. Recent favorites include identifying the colors of every single object encountered and including himself in any given situation by saying "Teddy too! Teddy too!" He's also counting pretty darn well, hit and missing his way up to ten. Out of the blue tonight, he announced over dinner "Teddy happy." How fun is that?!

The photo shoot ended with a rousing round of "five little monkeys jumping on the bed." It seemed fitting.

I was excited to find a video I'd taken of the Alcott compadres opening their Valentine's presents. Teddy adores watching it. The footage of his beloved cousins releases a bundle of giggles.

I must say, those little monkeys are blessed with one very sweet Grandma....homemade cards and everything.

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  1. Katie, I love watching videos of Teddy! I loved the Valentine's Day one. I can't wait until Naomi is walking and talking! I now I am supposed to enjoy every moment and I am, but oh how I look forward to her waddling around in little rompers with ruffles on her little tush! I bet you are so excited for summer with Teddy and he will be able to do so much more than last year!