Wednesday, November 4, 2009

kin folk

Last week we had such a WONDERFUL time with Ryan's family. We went to Teddy's music class together, made yummy meals, role played barnyard friends, and even went swimming! The highlight was ending our stint with a beautiful weekend in Vermont. Since I'm pretty positive most of my lovely blog readers are also my friends on Facebook, you've probably seen the Vermont photos so I won't post more. Below though, is cute photo of Darrel and I with Teddy at music class.

There is absolutely nothing more dear to our hearts than family. This visit was extra special too because Alissa also came with Jake. It was such a wonderful gift to spend an entire weekend together! Even though we make it home to Minnesota often, Ryan and I miss our parents quite a bit. Lately we tend to talk about how much our little monkey enjoys his Grandparents, but the fact is, we think they're the best too :) It was really special to have them all here with us.

I'll end with the sweetest little swimming video. Teddy's adored best friend (who conveniently also happens to be his Grandfather) was trying to teach him to blow out when he ducks his mouth in the water. Swimming alongside them, I thought he was doing so well. Upon video review though we can tell he was really doing more sucking in, then blowing it out! Too funny! Such a little Turkey. :)

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