Friday, November 13, 2009

gotta have you

Galena, Illinois. February 09'

I've recently discovered The Weepies and have fallen pretty hard. They're the perfect mix of folk sound and sweet lyrics. Baby bear and I are dizzy from all the swirling and twirling.

This song warms me from the inside out. When I look at Ryan and Teddy, I can't help but think they are the only ones I really gotta have.....


  1. Oh I love them too! I have the cd if you want me to burn it for you, but I'm guessing you already got it! I like this picture because teddy has cold, kissable cheeks.

  2. Teddy's cheeks look a wee bit rosey posey (-: I miss him so much Kate!

    I've loved the Weepies forever. Did you know that Superhero is BFFs with them?!? Of course she is, right! Glad that you're enjoying some soulful tunes!