Monday, November 16, 2009

Azco Inc on a Sunday afternoon...

On Saturday afternoon Ryan called from work to let us know it'd be a long day and he'd likely not be home before Teddy went to bed. Tougher still, he reported Sunday would be the same situation. However he ended the conversation by trying to cheer me up with a "but you and Teddy could bring me lunch tomorrow, that might be fun!" I agreed, Teddy would think that was fun and heck, we'll take what we can get!

So yesterday we set off on our first field trip to the Empire Generating Facility. Teddy was so excited to bring daddy lunch. We'd talked about it all morning. By the time we arrived with Chipotle, he could barely make it in the door before he was pulling out burritos to show Daddy. :)

Sunday turned out to be the perfect day to visit, Ryan was one of the only employees there so we had the whole building to ourselves. Teddy decided within minutes of arrival that it was an awesome place to hang out with dad and even set to work reorganizing a file cabinet. Good lil' worker!

Ryan gave him an "official" (okay, maybe just a sticker) Azco name tag. A decorative artifact that was rubbed affectionately about 1,000 times before nightfall.

My handsome husband was even so kind as to pose for a photo at his desk! I love that I can now picture Ry's place of employment. I got to see his desk space, where he eats lunch.....all the good stuff.

It was funny. I didn't expect a half hour together to recharge me for the whole day, but it did. I think it helped Ry too. After he buckled Teddy in the car seat, he came around front and gave me what had to be a much too passionate kiss for the work environment. A quick meal together was everything we needed.


  1. All of your posts make me say "awwww"! Teddy is just too darn adorable, pulling out burritos for dad! Glad you guys got to see each other for a little while. It sounds like ryan's job is making him work such long hours lately!

  2. Agree w/ Kelly that Teddy is so adorable Kates. I'm so happy that you were able to sneak in a little family time amidst the busy work schedule...little snippets of togetherness are so important. Happy to see you're able to make these happen!