Monday, November 9, 2009

Bennington Potters

I've been so excited to share a few treasures Judy and I bought during our trip to Bennington! We arrived in Vermont to find our vacation home stacked with gorgeous, deliciously unique pottery. Lovely little potter's stamps indicated they were made right there in Bennington.

Ironically, without even telling each other, we both set off on separate journey's one afternoon to track down a place to purchase the local pottery. Judy successfully came back with a few pieces and then later we purchased more together. As we dug into the history of Bennington Potters we learned pottery was one of the first economic livelihoods of the area. Produced using local clay deposits during the Revolutionary War, it became one of the things to put Bennington on the map. How interesting is that....and the crockery is beautiful to boot!

I've found a way to use my new pieces every night since we've been home...even when it means eating stew out of batter bowls. :)

And desserts bake beautifully in the thick-walled pans!

The pottery is one of those true treasures, I'll love even more in years to come. Timeless cookware with memories of family and our time out east.

Blowing you all big brownie kisses.


  1. what beautiful pieces! they remind me a little of the pottery barn casserole and stew dishes you got us for our wedding.

  2. That's so funny Kel, I told Judy the same thing when I saw them!

  3. I'm making banana bread in my bennington dish this weekend (-: