Thursday, November 12, 2009

a photo session + a little more

Late last year, while skimming one of my favorite blogs, I noticed a chance to win a free session with a photographer in Albany, NY. I entered the drawing (with no luck), but made a mental note of the photographer's name because we'd received news of our impending move to Albany.

Last Sunday, on a gorgeous fall day, we met with that photographer and had an awesome family photo session! We spent a couple hours in the antique district of downtown Troy. The lighting was dreamy, the fall colors still beautiful, and the old brownstones a perfect backdrop. I'm torn because I want to tell you all about it, but I also want it to be a fun surprise when you get our Christmas card in the I'll try and hold off on saying too many details.

As I walked our photographer to her car, I learned she is good friends with Boho Girl, someone whose writings have brought peace and serenity into my life for some time. I was SOOO excited to make the connection! During hectic, busy, and sometimes isolating days at home, she helps me feel more connected, balanced, and gentle. She's pretty darn great....and now it's fun to know someone who knows someone....

A couple other tidbits on my mind....

1.) I am SO ESTATIC that my kindred spirit, Kelly just learned she is having a baby BOY! We've been overflowing with joy and downright giggly over the growing bambino for months, now to learn it's a little boy is pure bliss. Confession. I've had a secret desire all along that it be a boy. I wanted us to be able to share the experience of having little chaps. Can't believe it is really going to happen!

2.) Today, I bought Teddy's Christmas gifts! Last year the three of us went to a bookstore on Christmas Eve and we let him pick out a new book for Christmas. At 6 months old, I think he enjoyed getting a say for once, as much as he enjoyed Snowy Bear. In a way today was the same. I brought him to a small, old fashioned toy store and watched him wonder about and play with the goodies. Based on the things he wanted to open the most/made him giggle the loudest, I picked out a few things. It's funny, they are really the exact things we'd spoke of getting him anyway....a musical instrument set, a couple puppets, and a set of beautiful handmade wooden cars. Now I'm so excited for Christmas! He's going to thrilled!

Okay dokay...I think that's all the random, gushy, mushy thoughts a girl can have for one day. Every post needs at least one photo so I'll leave you with Teddy modeling his new shirt from cousin Dashiell. That smile just makes me giggle....a bit of a Dennis the Menace! A glance at what's to come Kel Bel! :)


  1. I get so excited when I check your blog and there is a new post. LOVE this post! Congratulations Kelly! Teddy and your little guy are going to have SO much fun together. Teddy will be sure to teach him a lot of things... like tractor noises and nose scrunches. :)

  2. I can't wait to see the photos! Do I have to wait until christmas? Also seeing pictures of teddy really does get me excited to have a little boy of my own. They are so much fun. Can't wait to hear our boys make car and truck noises together and so much more!

  3. Thanks Ali! I'm so glad you enjoy it! We love to know our family reads it. Kel, the Alcott and Schulz boys are going to make the best engine noises our side of the Mississippi!